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Introduction to The Base

The Base Community Hub Ltd Rotherham South Yorkshire Adult Day Care wath-upon-dearne Rotherham

Care with a difference: Sports . Leisure . Creativity . Learning

The Hub for the Community. Recreational 

Sports Activities, Learning Zones, Social 

Environment and Work Experience for Young adults 14 years and over with Autism and Mild / Moderate Learning Disabilities.

Socialising with friends at The Base Community Hub, Adult Day Care Rotherham

At The Base

We provide a modern approach which offers our members bespoke development plan catered to everyone’s individual needs. By using personalised pathway’s it is our mission to offer care with a modern twist, 

with a flexible service, with achievable outcomes by linking our services, projects and activities together to ensure 

‘Happiness, Health Benefits, Extended Learning, Work Experience Opportunities and a Social Environment’.

Our projects and activities are also available to the local community, on a pay-as-you go basis which means our services will be available to carers and PA's so that everyone can also experience the same projects as our 

members at The Base.

Leisure trips in the local community of wath-upon-dearne and the wider community within and outside of Rotherham

WHY CHOOSE THE BASE…because we are different !!

Care with a difference: Sports Leisure Creativity Learning Because we intend to be different with our combination of  SPORTS, LEISURE, CREATIVITY & LEARNING;  creating a tailor-made package for all our members. Whatever a members starting ability, our programme will support individuals with a development plan to enable them to build on this ability and improve their wellbeing through;

• Inclusion in SPORTS, with personal fitness plans, healthy eating, relaxation activities, music and dance. 

We intend our members to experience a variety of activities that will promote different skill sets and also with a focus on teambuilding. We Care for young adults 14+ with autism and mild moderate learning disabilities  by offerMing members individual and team activities and competitions.

• Developing new skills through LEISURE activities in the local and wider community. These are aimed to be social trips and experiences but also linked to our personal development plans and therefore linked 

to our other activities such as Sports and Learning.

• Supporting members CREATIVITY through classes such as art & pottery and our exclusive design group developing individual and/or group projects.

• To LEARN new abilities through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and learning computer skills.

Do you think you can lead and teach other members? Through learning new skills we want to provide the opportunity for members to share their knowledge to fellow members. We want to support people to go on to run groups and activities, become STEM ambassadors and access our work experience offer within The Base Adult Day Care Support Centre in Rotherham .


We will work with people to develop their own personal fitness plans to achieve their own goals.

Peoples goals could be health and fitness based or they could be ready for the Olympics. Whatever the person’s ability we can create a programme to support them here in Rotherham . By adding some form of fitness on a daily basis through any sport such as; 

table tennis, badminton, tennis, football, pool, darts or table cricket and many more - a member can have fulfilling and fun day.

At The Base Adult Day Care Support Centre in Rotherham we’ve created a gym area with specific equipment for our members to experience gym activities and build confidence so that they may want to consider joining a local gym in the future.

We have successfully trialled our ‘fun fitness’ programme which has been developed over several months. The programme aimed to help members and Care for young adults 14+ with autism and mild moderate learning disabilities  to keep fit and learn new skills in Athletics and their progression was also 

monitored to evidence the positive improvements seen by those taking part. An example of this was, at The Base, the UKA English Athletic Coaches have given a group of individuals the opportunity to learn the skill of throwing a Javelin. From assessing everyone’s initial ability, each individual’s improvement has been recorded and the 

programme has shown great results and highlights how a person can develop while having fun and learning new skills. 

Care with a difference: Sports Leisure Creativity Learning

So if you’ve ever fancied throwing a Javelin, or ‘whatever your dream’… we will work with you to achieve it. Your development will be staged and planned around you.

Who knows you may become the next GB Javelin Gold medallist –

Now that’s a terrific goal waiting to happen.

Generate excitement

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At The Base it’s not just about going on a day trip.

Our mission is to link Sports, Creativity & Learning and have visits in the local and wider community that are associated to what the ‘Topic’ is at hand. Every time you meet at The Base an adventure will await you to learn or see something new. The visits are fun and sociable but will also reflect the activity the member is working on i.e. you may go for a walk into the local community to collect a leaf then we may use it to create a themed autumn tile in clay.

We will be site seeing outside the local amenities, coastal trips, historical trails, nature trails, museum visits and sporting events. Recreational visits to the cinema, bowling, swimming, eating out and shopping to name a few.

Our trips will have a meaning behind each and every outing and 

an outcome for each and every member.


We all love to express ourselves...

And Arts and Crafts is the ideal way to relax and enjoy making items and seeing the results in front of you. An instant goal. 

So...How is Creativity different at The Base?

Our topics will be related to on-going individual development plans as mentioned previously some members plan maybe to express themselves through art and design. At The Base our specialist 3D product design engineer will be developing ability-led projects for members to experience what it is like to have an idea and how to develop 

something and make it happen. Whether it is a piece of art that’s been drawn or painted and the image is then transferred onto a t-shirt for everyone to wear! Or it is a USB powered lamp for your bedroom! The Base’s 

exclusive design group will be able to make their ideas come alive and maybe develop them in to their own enterprise.

Fancy learning new skills? Fancy becoming an Entrepreneur?


It’s Unique... New skills through ‘fun activities with an educational twist’.

Everyone should be given the opportunity to experience the ‘WOW’ factor through STEM whatever age or ability.

What does STEM mean? Science, Technology, Engineering, Math’s

STEM challenges are awesome for everyone. These activities are visually stimulating, hands-on, and sensory rich for discovery and exploration! As with all our activities, STEM will be ability based learning, built around each person and their plan.

• SCIENCE - Experiments using products from around the home specifically found in your kitchen cupboard. The 3 special AAA ingredients; Acids, Alkaline, Activator.

• TECHNOLOGY - From making conductive play-dough to soldering components on a PCB – (populated circuit board). Making USB (Universal Serial Bus) lights and USB speakers. Creating 3D art with 3D 

pens. Discovering Robotics.

• ENGINEERING - Building tall stable structures using sticks. Building bridges using K’nex following specified instructions on the length, span and strength to support 1kg. Or create a K’nex zipwire - build a carriage to hold a cuddly toy and let it zip away along a cable, will it be fast?, will it de-rail?, will it support the cuddly toy?. 

Or have a go at designing and making a balloon powered car, then race it.

• MATHS – maths made fun so that you don’t realise you’re doing it! Maths is contained within all SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING projects!

Members can also access our work experience offer by gaining hands-on experience whether it’s working in the 

cafe, garden or the gym; members can achieve their goals as part of their plans that will include development recognition awards to show their progression. 

We will offer a fantastic opportunity for a group of individuals to train as science ambassador’s in association with STEAMWORKS.


A room developed that can offer a stimulating environment

Anyone can use our sensory room for medical purposes or just a place to unwind and 

reduce the agitation and anxieties of everyday life… with light, sounds and scents.

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